Lily Lachlan

Vermont Artist – Painting, Wood Burning

Lucas Aarcher

Woodturner & Pyrography Artist

Hey there, I’m Lily Lachlan and my friend Lucas Archer here. Thanks for visiting Wood Burning Guide!

We love to talk, teach and encourage creativity through Pyrography, Art, Wood Burning, Firewood. We share projects and techniques on Pyrography,Wood Burning, Firewood.

Pyrography is not your typical art form. Here at Wood burning guide we are all about sharing beautiful art, collaborating, supporting the wood burning community, teaching, and giving back!

When we started wood burning, it was a really intimidating craft for us. The permanence of burning the wood prevented us from trying a lot of techniques. After building up the courage to just go for it, We was able to experiment and learn a lot of ways to create. Our goal is to share what I’ve learned and inspire you to create through wood burning, Pyrography, and Art.

I hope you enjoy Wood Burning Guide

Tips, and please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
Stay warm

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